Manifesto Of Uncertainty _

Lela Jacobs
autumn / winter 2012

So I curated the launch of Lela's winter collection - 
Held at Dunedins Temple Gallery

Read full review by Hana Aoake here -

A massive thank-you to everyone involved !!!!

Hair - Sliver Hair Cutters
Make-up - Katy Parsons
Models - Ali McD
Installation - Harley Jones
Photography by Emily Cannan

Thursday _

Images _


Have a blast in London baby


Miss you 


Philip H _ Loves Niki Minaj  

Grace _ Loves this Tshirt most

Molly _ Loves horses

Tara _ Loves you

Renata _ naughty 

Courtenay _ chain smoker

Tash _ Loves spending money

Philip _ Grace _ Molly _ Tara _ Renata _ courtenay _ Tash

Photography _ Tara Young

Fuck Now Suffer Later_

A Gallery_

May 2012

Jay Hutchinson



Philip James Frost _ Jewels _ Jay

Photography _ Tara Young

What I've Noticed

Pictures My Eyes Liked Today

Love_ orange + royal blue = genius
 with the subtle red & emerald green 

It was the jacket that caught my eye - I do love the drape. The fur hat, grey skivvy (which I've noticed have made quite a large come back lately), burgandy slouched socks and checked winkle pickers = good look.


I wish I knew the designer of these boots ! ! Rad.

wrapped UP

Ooh coloursss_ They look so nice together - fawn & royal blue, win

Glasses - Love! Neutral colour palette with a dash of red on the lips

One Million Years Later

 - I'm Back -