Karate Kidz_


Images from JakandJil

Something Wicked_

Brittany Murphy
1977 - 2011

Party Jam_

This is pretty LOL
But kind of catchy 
Guilty pleasure maybe? 

 Grimes' outfit is pretty rad 
Here she is below with Kreayshawn ----> 

Image from OysterMag

A Day In The Life_

Lucinda & myself doing fun really seriously


needz appreciation 

In the studio_
 with Charlotte McLachlan

I captured him on the streetz of Dunedin_
fabulous tote bag

At work_
Always taking pride in his appearence

Looking after his pets_
Meet Vernon

Family man_
With his fiance Elza

Future venturez_
Running an escort agency

He is a man of many talentz

Braxton Mackenzie-White
of Dunedin


Perhaps we could learn a thing or 2?

All images from 'Advanced Style

Click the link to perve at more senior fashionistazzzzz
(its worth it)

The Blueness_

At The National 
June 2nd 

Schools In_

Alice Cooper
Schools out

Introducing Lucien_

Part one

... Loosely influenced by ... 
Arizona Muse 'The Free Spirit'
For i-D magazine- The Light's, Camera, Action Issue 2012

Part two

Model_ Lucinda King
Photoz by me