+ This is Aurel Schmidt +

New York based artist

she rulz


Aurel & poet Franz Wright's collaborate on book Reveries Of A Lost Life Mask

'Maneater 4'

Her jewellery

Self Portrait 

Aurel Schmidt creates hyper-realist drawings depicting complex arrangements of organic beauty alongside pollution, decay, and death. The work positions Renaissance traditions of formal draftsmanship adjacent to the anarchic and grotesque qualities of New Gothic Art. Her intricate renderings in pencil and acrylic on paper employ images of city-sidewalk refuse, critters, and flora, as elements to construct surrealist scenes or human visages. Pushing the abject overtones of the imagery, the artist includes the use of unorthodox media, such as beer, dirt, blood, and cigarette burns, to execute her Arcimboldo-esque pieces. Schmidt’s work proposes a relationship between the urban consumer’s by-product and the environment, highlighting the effect of waste on natural order.